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No cookies, no targeted ads, no user tracking. This web site does not track you in any way and report it back to Starstone, nor do my software products. I'm old school that way. Note that opt-in  diagnostic crash information may be collected by Apple or Google on their platforms and aggregated for debugging purposes without any personal identifiying information. It's reasonable to assume that if your software crashes, you'd like me to be able to figure out why.


ScopeWizard does not collect any personal information, nor track your activies. It is available for iOS, Android, and destkop operating systems.  It really is just an astronomy/telescope calculator :-)                           

Space Jong

SpaceJong is an astronomy themed Majhohng Style game avaialable on the Apple iTunes store for iPads. SpaceJong does not collect any personal information for transmition back to Starstone. Crash reports and usage information is collected by Apple to report back to the developer if there any problems with the software or if it crashes.

Quantum Solar Filter Control

The Quantum Solar Filter control software is a simple and free utility for controlling the Daystar Quantum Solar Filter. No information about your system or use of the software is transmited to anyone over the internet. Yes, it really is just that simple.

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