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Starstone - Where Science Rocks™!

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The Fourth Day
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Welcome to Starstone Software Systems, Inc.  Starstone independently creates science novelty and educational software for iOS. Cool software that has a purpose, is fun and interesting to use, and who knows - you might just learn something... Science toys for a virtual world. At Starstone, Science Rocks!


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SpaceJong, now available for your iPad

SpaceJong is a MahJong like puzzle matching game, with planets and moons from our solar system as the playing pieces. Three different animation styles, 14 layouts, background images from the Hubble Space Telescope, music, sound effects, and factoids about the different planets and moons make SpaceJong an engaging and magical experience for kids and adults alike.

Available only for the iPad, requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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The Fourth Day... for your iPhone or iPod Touch!

The Fourth Day is an astronomical clock and almanac for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Customized for your location using location services, or user entered latitude and longitude, The Fourth Day displays data about the daily, monthly, and yearly astronomical events related to time keeping.

The Fourth Day goes beyond sunrise and set, and moon phases. It also displays the start and ending times of civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights and lunar and solar transits. Lunar and solar perigee and apogee dates and distances, the dates and times of equinoxes and solstices, and the longest and shortest day of the year for your geographic location. Distance values can be displayed in miles or kilometers. In addition all calculations are done on the device and no Internet connection is required.

The main clock screen displays an animated 3D view of the earth with the correct sunlight illumination angle, and any of the following time values: Local Civil (12 or 24 hour mode), Greenwich, Local Sidereal (corrected for longitude), and Julian Day.

The Fourth Day is useful for any astronomy enthusiast or anyone needing to plan outdoor activities around daylight hours. Take it on your next camping or fishing trip, use it to plan sporting events or outdoor photography sessions before twilight ends or at morning’s first light.

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Contact Information

Starstone is essentially a feat of midnight engineering by Richard S. Wright Jr. My other jobs include:
Software Bisque - Sr. Software Engineer
The OpenGL SuperBible - Lead Author
Full Sail University  - Course Director, OpenGL (Game Development Bachelors)


Electronic Footprint
My  email: rwright@starstonesoftware.com
My twitters: @opengl, @AccidentalAstro
My blog: www.eveningshow.com/AccidentalAstro
Image Gallery: www.eveningshow.com
Postal address
200 Waymont Court
Suite 126, #5
Lake Mary, FL 32746



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