Starstone does have a few end-user products.

Current Offerings

iPadViewSMIP4AP – Image Processing for Astrophotography. Now available for iOS are Warren Keller’s  Image Processing video tutorials from Three universal apps (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) contains the complete PixInsight video series from Warren. Available now on the iTunes store.
IP4AP Part 1
IP4AP Part 2
IP4AP Part 3



The Fourth Day (Retired)– Available on the Apple iTunes store for iOS. The Fourth Day is an animated astronomical clock and almanac. For your location get the phases of the moon, the times of twilights, etc. Useful for astronomical, trip, or outdoor photography planning.





webScreen1SpaceJong Available on the Apple iTunes store for iOS. A 3D animated Mahjong style game with a space theme, and a tiny bit of educational information about the planets and their major moons. For old times sake, I still count Pluto as a planet as well!



No Longer Available

Software is never finished, only abandoned or forsaken when circumstances force it. End user products from Starstone will likely be only for mobile platforms in the future. Past products we had to say farewell to include:

classicwin32Eye of the Storm (EOTS) – A desktop hurricane tracking application for Windows and OS X that was highly successful in it’s category for over a decade. Alas, I could not play the part of 24-hour weatherman and astronomer and remain alive for much longer.



LunarPhasesThe Fourth Day – A Windows desktop and screen saver with some of the functionality of the newer iOS offering of the same name. It had an integrated screen saver, and I believe it was the first of it’s kind as a  program that would continually update the Windows desktop wallpaper with a rendered real-time simulation of the earth’s current illumination as viewed from space.