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Midnight Engineering

Will Code For Food
Will Code For Food

Seems my site was hacked recently. No, I don’t sell sports jerseys 😉

Starstone Software Systems, Inc. is the midnight engineering persona of Richard S. Wright Jr.  I’ve been a software engineer my entire adult career, and have always done some of my own labor of love projects, as well as contract development work.

When not coding… I write a lot, and occasionally even will blog about stuff I’m doing or care about. I also blog for Sky & Telescope on the topic of astrophotography and am a frequent contributor to the magazine.

I specialize in graphics and cross platform technologies (OpenGL,  C/C++, Qt GUI/Frameworks, etc.), and am particularly enamored with the sciences, and particularly particularly <sic> enamored with astronomy and astronomical imaging. Most of my time is spent developing for Software Bisque where I have the privilege of being part of a team that continues to innovate hardware and software solutions for serious amateur and professional astronomers. Whether your interested in making pretty pictures from outer space or making scientific breakthroughs, Software Bisque has the tools to help you make that happen.

The Horsehead Nebula!

I have an astrophotography gallery at, along with a blog entitled The Accidental Astronomer. If you’re looking for information about the OpenGL SuperBible, for which I was responsible for over 5 editions of its life, I’ve turned that over to my very capable co-author Graham Sellers. All the source code for the various editions is now hosted on the new OpenGL SuperBible web site which is administered by Graham.

Recently I was a course director for a class on OpenGL programming at Full Sail University, where I taught night classes for 15 years. If you’re a past student… you’ve found me 😉

Considering what I do most for my living these days… um… nights, I am quite literally, a midnight engineer!